Church of christ bible college, Mzuzu mission


In 1957 Dr. James D. Judd, Doyle Gilliam and Andrew Connelly left for an adventure of a life time. They were young the children were also young and some of their children had not come at that time. The future mission station was virgin bush country. Wild animals walked the foot paths through  the mission, and leopards killed animals on the mission property (dogs had to stay indoors at night.)

The Church started in Malawi in 1906.  When the mission team arrived, the Church in the north was small and weak. Now the Church in Malawi is more numerous per 100,000 than in the United States.  The church in Malawi enjoys good growth, and it is known for its’ stand on the scripture. We  appreciate the kindness of the American Brethren has made it possible for us to teach and preach in Malawi.

We have always believed that the Lord wrote the Bible for each and every congregation no matter where they are in the world. There are no teachings that are for American Christians that can be put off because this or that people need more time to start obeying God’s commands.

All the congregations that we work with in Malawi are Self-Edifying, Self Supporting, Self-Propagating and Self-Governed.

Fifty years and counting

Mzuzu Mission started over 50 years ago. Because of government regulations to grow the work we had to move the new phase of the work to Mzuzu, Malawi